Case study


Technimove is a B2B company who are specialists in Data Centre Migration, they offer many more services which could be categorised into Cyber security and Network Infrastructure.   

Marketing activities actioned:

Marketing Strategies
Blog posts
Web design
Google Ads
Graphic design




My most important work was coming up with the marketing strategies. All graphic design, copy and strategies created by me.

Marketing strategy

Google Ads strategy

Technimove had been doing Google ads in the past, one of the reasons that I started was to start a new campaign using some of the historical data from the previous campaigns.

Activities that I performed on the campaign.

Current spend is £70 per week day
Google ads scope spreadsheet
Gathering competitor keywords using spyfu
Gathered list of existing KW to discover what is and isn’t needed
Calendly Setup
Keyword research
Analysis of previous campaign strengths and weaknesses
Analysed match types
Implemented CPC per keyword
Google keyword planner, looked for Low range and upper-range bids
Set just above Low range and below High range
Setup Google tag manager
Setup conversion linker
Setup Google conversion goals for phone calls
Optimization score: 94.3%
Created 2 Ad groups to test each keyword set

Every 2 days
Adding extra negative KWs to stop unrelated searches
Add extra long tail search terms

Once a week
Work out which keywords are not performing well
Keywords with a high CPC compared to the account average
Keywords which have a high cost per conversion compared to the account average
Keywords with a status warning (low search volume, below first page bid, rarley shown due to low quality score)
Review match types

Competitor analysis
Are competitors using new keyword
Are they increasing their ad spend

Work that I will be focusing on in the future
Conversion rate optimisation
CTR on ad copy, testing different ad copy with competitor research
A/B testing
Quality score
Bid Optimisation
Location Targeting
Language changes
Land page optimisation for different languages


Email strategy

Communication guide

The communication guide was to help unify how we persuade other businesses to do business with us.

Article / social media writing

Much of the Blog is being written or edited for copywriting by myself, although we’re not keeping to classic copywriting principles, Technimove have a specific way that they want articles to be written.

The Youtube Channel

One of my main work activities was filming content for explaining different parts of the business. A lot of the videos that I have been filming are still in post-processing.

About us:

Video storyboard

When I plan out cinematic videos I create a video story board.  I chose the music, and did the voice over for this following video.

The website

Currently the website is very unstable and really needed a refresh. I started the staging site, which would be a huge improvement in design, conversions from traffic, and an email nurture campaign.

Staging site

Currently, the site is in the process of being redesigned by myself and the CRO.

Typographic focus

I designed the site with a focus on typography to best communicate the complicated ideas and concepts of Data centre migrations, and other services that Technimove offered.

Practical elements

I have designed the site to create easy ways for customers to book call backs, there are going to be incentives to sign up to our news letter with lead magnets, as well as retargeting using a Facebook pixel or Linkedin pixel.


Where possible we used photos to express some of the ideas in the articles and pages.

Responsive design

Any page designs needed to have a mobile responsive design to keep up with a mobile first search.

Linkedin growth

The social media strategy when I joined consisted of only posting images, with captions. These images were well researched how ever there were no other industry standard social media activities happening to grow the Linkedin and thus on all metrics the campaign were failing. I created a social media audit with recommendations.

Social media audit document & Linkedin strategy


Social Media posts

I was able to create the following posts in about a week, which can be scheduled to go out over 2 months approx.


Company event