We’re a marketing agency

that approaches our

marketing like a runner

does a race.







Runners who are serious are usually a bit insane.

They start early usually before the sun even comes up – they’re cramping, chafing, and sweating their way along the road.

During a great run there is always that moment, the sky expands overhead, your heart starts to pump almost out of your chest in rhythm with your legs, everything else on your mind fades away.z

That’s called the runners high.

We’re serious marketers so we’re a bit insane too. Our customers expect more than products and services. They need to follow where their customers lead and be faster than they expect delivering personalised experiences on just the right device at just the right time.

Each group is different, but they all follow a similar
pattern of coming to a decision to buy from you. Here
are the main steps:

What ever part of your marketing journey we’re here.


Create a user persona

Personas are fictional characters that you want to market to. Knowing the basic demographic information of your customer is important when creating your customer persona’s.

It’s important to know the customers sex, marital status, what kind of job they have, and what part of life they are in.

This information is easy for us to retrieve, and will give you a better understanding of your customers, interests and values. Women over the age of 40 have much different interests than that of an 18 year old male.


Find the touchpoints

Touchpoints are interactions that correspond to a certain stages in the decision process. Finding them ensures you have both the tools for understanding customers’ position on the sales funnel and promoting to them successfully.

For instance, seeing a Google Ad is a touchpoint. So is pop-up advertising and clicking on a landing page. Here are other examples of touchpoints:

Googling specific keywords
Seeing a retargeting ad
Reading an article on your website
Going to the price list page
Subscribing to the newsletter
Receiving an email
Watching a video on YouTube

We have strategies for all touch points, and some cases we have a specialist member who works in your industry.

Life time spent on social media touch points:

We can get you in front of those eyes instantly.

With 3.5 billion searches every day by people using google, being seen in google search results is the difference between success and fading away.

SEO is a set of tasks to help place a website within the search engine results page (serp), usually google, it involves work both on your website and off your website.

We have experts that are both generalists and specialist in each industry.

We can get you to the top of google search results instantly.

Market research &
expanding your business

– Researching No. of competitors in all locations.
– Population size/density in all locations.
– Demographics in all locations.
– SEO difficulty for your keywords in all locations.
– etc…

We can then survey these locations to find out if these location’s demographics are interested in your product or service.

Once all this information is combined we can then create a list of all locations in order of difficulty to ascertain which locations are the easiest but also most likely to bring back the most returns.

Who our team has worked with: