James Larkin

Marketing professional with proven experience in planning, coordinating marketing policies and programs, such as content creation, creative social media campaigns, and more. 


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About Me

Hello, I’m James. I’ve been utilising marketing techniques for 10 years+

My Media career started with my still photography. My first role as a photographer was at a company called The Red Image where we took portraits of infants right up to teenagers, and printed the images onto Canvas within an hour. Whilst here I managed 14 members of staff. This quickly moved onto my self employment as a stills photographer. I would shoot weddings, events, family portraits, studio photography environments, Art nude, but my niche with my most success was club photography. During this same amount of time, i tested and deployed various marketing methods, SEO, Google ads, GMB ranking, Facebook ads and got great success for my clients.

My Videography

Once I started mastering my still photography skills the need for offering videography to client was obvious. Over the years that I’v been shooting video I covered anything from in person interviews, out door shoots, club videos, wedding videos etc.

Web design

Testimonials on my work

“His guys I’ve getting a lot of questions about where my awesome camera work has been coming from, the answer is James Larkin, he’s awesome, everything looks amazing, he’s show us stuff with video editing saved us tons of money, so the guy is awesome check out his website…”

Sasha Day

“Hey its Yad here I just wanna mention a few things about my working partner filming partner James Larkin, the guy is Top notch, getting cinematic shots, getting into the right spaces, know what shots would work, having that natural feel, you’re telepathically communicating with each other, the guy is second to none”

Yad Bar

“James worked on our marketing from start to finish, website, branding, social media, seo, google ads, facebook ads, videography, photography etc, got us phone calls and was great to work with”

Hoxton Therapy