Case study

As the sole digital marketing manager for Hoxton Therapy I am responsible for the designing and marketing of all digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing activities actioned:
Web design
Google Ads
Google my business setup/ranking
Facebook growth and Ads
Instagram growth and Ads


The website

The website was search engine optimised with emphasis on the main keyword “Counselling London”. The branding was created through the style of photography used, which was an aged photo look. The site had practical feature such as the booking page which allows customers to book therapists.

Typographic focus

I designed the site with a focus on typography to best communicate the complicated ideas and concepts of psychology, therapy and counselling.


Where possible we used photos to express some of the ideas in the articles and pages.

Responsive design

Any page designs needed to have a mobile responsive design to keep up with a mobile first search.

Site animation

New animation styles were used both as text appears on the page, whey the text goes from a blurred to a sharp look. The hero images at the top of the issues pages had animation. This gave the site a unique look and set it apart from the competition.

Google my business

Because Hoxton Therapy wanted so many different locations around London and the UK for calls. I found a way to create more locations that they weren’t currently serving, the problem was that we needed to get these locations verified so that they stick without google getting rid of them. Some of them have optimisation and some don’t the client didn’t have a budget for the SEO on these GMBS. The GMBS ended up gaining us the majoriy of our first phone calls.

Google ads

Although the client wanted to start with SEO efforts, really the best thing the company could have done was start with google ads. This is where we got out most success and the most ROI. Obviously with Google ads you can turn on incoming calls and turn them off when ever you want. The targeting for getting the right type of customer is the best the advertising world has ever seen.

Social growth

All graphic design, post scheduling, content was created by myself. I ran all ads to create the page’s 15,000 page likes. The page is in a position where it needs ads on constant basis in order to create the engagement they’re after. We could implement organic methods of growing the page, but the owner doesn’t want to spend the time or the money on this.

I ran ads on the instagram page to grow to about 700+ followers. In order to keep this growth we need to keep posting new content and paying for new ads, again because the budget is being spent on google ads the client wants to leave the instagram growth as for the moment it isn’t a primary goal for client acquisition.

Graphic design / branding:

Still, video, social.


The branding was meant to make Hoxton Therapy stand out when compared to the other brands both in London, national and internationally. Red that has the colour meaning of Love isn’t used very much in this industry. The industry tends to use pastel colours, that don’t stand out, so red in this instance helps the customer remember the brand more. The other colours were teal, orange, black and white. Helvetica was the only font used anywhere within the branding.

These brand colours were carried over into the social media, and video.


I interpreted the photography work that was for a mental health business needed to have a natural feel. The subject matter is based on humans so the photography should also suit this field.

Grading the images.
I picked a teal and orange colour grade for the photos. Teal and orange often remind people of the sun and the sea both quite natural phenomena. These two colours go well with the red colour in the branding, so everything is harmonising together. Hopefully these images are pleasing to the eye and create a feeling and connection to the brand.

The locations I chose were locations the target demographic would find themselves in, thus creating a connection with the potential customer. The target demographic would be London based, so London locations were preferable. Where possible I included direct sunlight, again to give the images a natural feel.

Some of the imagery used a prism to create refractions, which is a trending photography effect but also something that suited the branding, the target demographics often have personality disorders, so to symbolise this I gave the images imperfections, something we all have.

The photography style I chose sets the brand apart from other brands which tend to come across as though they are lawyers as opposed to humans helping other humans.


Here is a list SEO activities that were done on the site:

Onpage: Optimizing all the content.
Creating, fixing current site structure
Creating internal linking structure
Index management
Over saw 100+ articles written
Advanced Schema
Offpage : Outreach 
Foundational links
Press releases
Technical SEO
Site speed optimisation



Any of the video for Hoxton Therapy i have shot, edited, branded, graded, uploaded, and marketed.


I made the aim of the video content something to build a community around, a place where people would keep coming back to ask questions and hopefully share. A ads campaign was never made for this channel as this kind of budget is being spent on google ads. For this content to really shine and gain traction ads should be a part of the marketing. All the usual techniques for video SEO were deployed.