Setting Facebook pages up with banners, and profile image
Setting ads for website traffic
Targeting demographics
Creating look a like audience targeting
Creating targets based on website activity (visited page x)
Growing facebook pages almost instantly to 1,000,000’s of real likes
Setting engagement ads
Creating targeting based on what groups peoples are in
Facebook pixel
Posting to facebook (automated)
Posting in groups (automated)
Quote videos


Setting up about
Setting up ads to grow page
Finding viral content
Hashtag research
Growing instagram pages almost instantly with real human followers
Posting to instagram (automated)
Creating quote posts
Creating infographic posts
Organic methods
Quote videos

Google ads

Setting ads
Competitor research
Ad content research
Bidding strategy
Lowering costs
Keyword research


Optimizing Videos
Keyword embedding
Keyword research
Video analysis
Thumbnail optimisation
Youtube ads

SEO, part managing

Onpage: Optimizing all the content.
Creating, fixing current site structure
Creating internal linking structure
Deploying Internal linking structure
Index management
Blog Articles
Advanced Schema
Foundational links
Press releases
Technical SEO
Site speed optimisation
CTR manipulation

Google my business ranking (GMB, Local SEO)

How to post on GMB, how to post, keywords etc
Proximity Manipulation
Citation audit
Citation building
CTR manipulation (if client allows it)
Link building towards CiD
Powered G stack,
Powered Domain stack.
GMB optimization
Setting up GMB’s in location you don’t have a physical address

Campagin tracking

Bitly links
Google analytics
Facebook analytics
Creating reports

Email Marketing

Mail chimp + email capture pages (landing pages)
Elastic mail
Zoom engage
Setting up a tracking phone number


Persuasive copy
Emotionally and logical driven copy
Curiosity peaking copy
Humanise and personal copy
Email copy that drives open
Email copy to increase conversions
B2B and B2C copy
Out and in funnel copy
Decision maker spectrum copy

My reading.

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This – Luke Sullivan
Hype yourself – Lucy Werner
Purple cow – Seth Godin
The 1 page marketing plan – Allan Dib
Scientific advertising
Facebook ad marketing Tips for beginners – Thomas Barnett
Restaurant and Bar marketing – Erik Shellenberger
Expert Secrets – Russel Brunson
Marketing basics – fast knowledge
Influence – Robert b Cialdini
Market research like a Pro – Pooja Agnihotri
Marketing: A Guide to the fundamentals – Patrick Forsyth
Brand thinking and other noble pursuits – Debbie Millman
Alchemy – Rory Sutherland
Contagious – Jonah Berger
Marketing made simple – Donald Miller
Building a story brand – Donald miller
The 22 immutable laws of marketing – All Ries & Jack Trout
The pursuit of work – Tom peters
The Icarus deception – Seth Godin
Linkedin Sales machine – Raza Imam
Tribes – Seth Godin
Crush it – Garry Vee
One million followers – Brendan Kane
Purple Cow – Seth Godin
Positioning – Al Ries, Jack Trout
Brands and Branding – Rita Clifton
No Logo – Naomi Klein
The new rules of marketing and PR – David Meerman Scott
Become a Product Marketing Manager and earn $100,000 – Dekker Fraser
Proven B2B copywriting 2021: Powerful SPF Framework
How to write copy that sells – Ray Edwards
Brand Psychology – Mike Parson
This is Marketing – Seth Godin
Unleash possible: A Marketing playbook that drives B2B sales – Samantha Stone
The B2B selling Guidebook – Jim Irving
Brand Identity: Building your breakthrough business with Branding pays – Sheldon Leonard
Marketing Funnel – Robert Baker
Google Ads workbook 2021 – Jason Mcdonald
How to generate highly profitable google ads – Donald Rockwell

Logo Loung
Designing brand and identity

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Running on empty – by Jonice Webb
Healing Emotional Wounds – by Nancy M. Welch
Emotional abuse: How emotional abuse hurts you and how to help heal after being abused – by Pamela Help
Healing Developmental Trauma – by Lawrence Heller, Aline Lapierre
The Solution to Social Anxiety
Spirituality and healing from physical
The 6 pillars of self esteem
Verbal abuse: Survivors Speak Out
Get me out of here, My recovery from borderline personality disorder – by Rachel Reiland
Rethinking Narcissism – Dr Craig Malkin
Narcissism: A personality disorder exposed – by Michele Gilbert
Understanding depression – by Dorothy Rowe
PTSD: Living Comfortably Numb: Kevin J. Mervin
Depression – Dr Tom Smith
The healing of my soul – by Leia Hughey
Sex at Dawn – by Cacilda Jetha
The Game – Neil Strauss
Depression: Why it Happens and How to Overcome it… – Dr. Paul Hauck
Men are from mars women are from venus
Autism awareness
Neurotribes The Legacy of autism and how to think smart
The power of now – Eckart Tolle

Billionaire businessmen – multiple writers
The art of war – Sun Tzu
The end of Power – Moises Naim
Anyone can do it – Duncan Bannatyne
What you see is what you get – Alan Sugar
Autobiography – Richard Branson
Total Recall – Arnold Schwarzenegger
Innovation and entrepreneurship – Peter Drucker
Secrets of the Millionaire mind mastering the inner game
Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell
Crush it – Garry Vee
Winners never cheat – Jon Huntsman
The five dysfunctions of a team – Patrick Lenioci
The Law – Frederic Bastiat
The magic of thinking big – David Swartz
33 strategies of war – Robert Greene
Crash proof 2.0 – Richard Delgado

Self Development
The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg
Only the paranoid survive – analysis – Andrew A Groves
Rich Dad Poor Dad Book – Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lecht
The 4 hour work week – Tim Ferris
How to make friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie
Man’s search for meaning – Viktor Frankl

The Warren Buffet Way, second edition 0 Robert G. Hagstrom
Capitalism and freedom – Milton Friedman
Capital – Karl Marx
The wealth of nations – Adam Smith
Liberals and black red necks – Thomas Sowell

Film making
Independent Filmmaking – Ricky Burchell
Commercial directing Voodoo – Mr Jordan Brady
Directing Actors – Judith Weston

Spy the lie – Philip Houston
The miseducation of the negro – by Carter Goodwin Woodson
Think like a freak – by Summer Station
Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World! – Andrew Breit Bart