ai artificial intelligence

AI Video Generation

With over two decades in motion graphics, I’ve been at the vanguard of video production, seamlessly merging traditional techniques with the latest in generative AI technology. My journey commenced in the era of analog film photography, transitioning through the digital age to master videography with top-tier cameras and editing technology. My profound grasp on visual storytelling has been refined across a spectrum of projects, from vibrant club photography to emotive cinematic wedding films.

Now, embracing AI, I create distinctive, compelling videos that stretch the limits of creativity and viewer engagement. This blend of rich experience and cutting-edge AI tools positions me as a trailblazer in contemporary video production, continually redefining the standards of visual content.

Music video utilizing both new AI video generation methods and a long list of traditional mainstream compositing and 3D applications.

Meme ad

Spec Ad for Skullcandy


Rolex – Seize the day


Weekly collaborations with artists in experimental video and image work enrich my 20+ years in motion graphics, blending tradition with AI innovation. I also talk the thinking behind how I arrive at my end creations.

Non AI Music videos

This work I’m probably the most proud of as this was for Lab 4 which are my favourite dance music group, producing some of the hardest tracks I’ve ever heard, it was a real pleasure working with these guys on this video.

AI Image Generation


Currently own
Canon 5d mark II

Camera’s previously owned
Black magic production camera 4k (sold)
Black magic cinema camera 2.5k (sold)
Black magic pocket cinema camera 4k (sold)
Panasonic GH5 (sold)
Canon 1d Mark II (sold)
Canon 40d (sold)
Canon 350d (sold)
Nikon 40d (sold)
Pentax ME SLR 35mm Film Camera (sold)


Canon 20mm 2.8
Canon 50mm 1.2 (sold)
Canon 50mm 1.4
Canon 50mm 1.8 (sold)
Sigma 20-70mm (sold)
Canon 85mm 1.8 (sold)
Sigma 85mm 1.8
Canon 70-200mm 2.8 (sold)
Variable 78mm ND filter
Huge anamorphic Lense (sold)
Macro Attachments for extreme close up of eyes etc…

Video misc

Velbon DV-7000N
Cheese plates for rig
Steady hand held glide cam
Slider bars 60cm / 24” Double-track Sliding-pad Video Track Slider
Motorized Rotating Display Turntable Ideal for Product videography
Director’s film clapboard (9.85×11.8 inch)
CameraTrax 24 ColorCard-2×3 with White Balance
Datacolor Photo Colour Control/Calibration SpyderCheckr 24
Opteka CXS-1 Video Shoulder Stabilizer Support System


Tascam DR-40
Lapel mics
Rode NTG-1
Rode NT1-A



Canon Flash 430
Canon Flash 430
Canon Flash 580exII
Wireless triggers for flash
5x Constant video lighting (Total Lighting 24,000 lumens – neutral)
5X Constant video lighting (Total Lighting 7500 lumens – slightly cold)
1x Godox SL60W
3x Large softbox 120cm
5x Light stands
5x Light holders
1x Studio Overhead Boom Arm Top Light Stand 75-138cm for Softbox Light
2x white diffuser umbrellas
Background Support 2.7 (H)x3m (W) for muslin / paper
Green screen background
Many light modifiers


5-In-1 reflector / Diffuser 110 cm
5-In-1 reflector / Diffuser 50 cm
5-In-1 reflector / Diffuser 2000 cm

editing suite

Apple Mac Pro
6 cores, 32 gb ram
Duel graphics with 3gb ram in total on cards
1x 32inch Benq 4k monitor
2x 21inch benq hd monitors
Wacom tablet
Loads of external M.2, SSD, and HDs

6 cores, 32 gb ram
Nvidia 4060 RTX 8gb
1x 32inch Benq 4k monitor
2x 21inch benq hd monitors
Loads of external M.2, SSD, and HDs


Sony MDR-7506 head phones
M-Audio studio Monitors