Save Therapy was the company name that came before Hoxton Therapy. There has been some branding done with Save Therapy that hasn’t been applied to Hoxton Therapy yet, although in time when the owner has the budget its intended that this is done.

The images immediately were to go out on Instagram again to increase engagement by getting people to ask questions about therapy, we would then try to answer these in the comments

These images were combining the nature and the brands logo to get across the connection between the brand and humanity, whilst being inspirational, and as being aesthetically pleasing. They were later prepared to go out on instagram but never did, prior to the brand name being changed.

These were meant to go out on instagram to keep people interested in the brand. the intent was to get people to ask Save therapy question on mental health on instagram.

These next images are self-explanatory. These quote images were meant to connect with the customers and create engagement on instagram